Amber Lily

by Amber Lily

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Music from my heart, recorded at our home in Hawaii. With the most basic set up we capture Songs of praise and love to share with YOU! I hope to inspire. Thank you.


released April 27, 2016

Produced by Tubby Love
Recorded at Living Roots Farm
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Greacen at Moresound Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Amber Lily Hawaii

Amber's sweet soul finds strength in song. Music helps her shed conditioned behavior/identity from an oppressive history of cultures. She discovers her truth in the natural Wild & shares through the music, bringing the FREE Power of the natural world everywhere she goes. ... more

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Track Name: Water Song
I feel the magic living in my bones
I have eyes to see I am whole again
I hear the music playing in your soul
I will sing until we come home again

Laaa daa dee daa dum Ayaayay

So let the rain come down, so thirsty the ground
Let it fall until the river flows again

Man tries to control the water, building dams to fuel his empire
Can't change the fate of the river, she'll make it to the ocean
Track Name: Woman
Woman, the woman in me
Woman, I set you free

Keepers of the Womb, daughters of the moon
Woman, i hear you singing
Carriers of life, it's our time to rise
Woman, come sing with me

I know you're wise woman, I know you're wild woman
I know you bleed
I know you're strong woman, i know you cry woman
You feel everything

I cannot hide it, I will not fight it
The woman she's been trapped, but she's singing out of me
I will not hide it now that I've found it,
Sisters come together, we'll set each other free


These hips, these thighs, these lips, these eyes
I claim the beauty in me
These hips these thighs these lips these eyes
I let myself be seen

I just wanna be how mama made me
I just wanna be how Jah Jah made me
sisters & brothers let's love each other now
Track Name: Lay me Down
See me as your lover, See me as yourself
See me as your sister, See me as yourself
See me as a child, See me as yourself
See me as the whole world .. see me as yourself

Aaaah Ooooh

Like the river meets the ocean, I'll meet you my love
Like the plants need the water, I need you my love

Lay me down, Lay me down

I will lay myself down at your feet,
Mother I feel your heart beat through my blood

Know me as your lover, know me as yourself
Know me as your brother, know me as yourself
Know me as the Mother, know me as yourself
Know me as no Other, no other than yourself

Aaaah Ooooh
Lay me down
Track Name: Open Wide
Heart break open wide, I let the world inside
Heart beat, I am alive
I breathe, look myself in the eyes

If we were Jesus & mary in another life,
We'd bring rest to the weary, bring the retched new life
Food to the hungry, sight to the blind
In the fear of a moment, we choose the God inside

We live forever, forever
In the presence of each other, we have come to remember
We life Forever
When our final days are over, we return to the Mother

I feel, I feel it all - It's raw and it's real
I feel, this is my strength & there's more to reveal

Eyes that see unlock the secrets in me
You see my soul love, you see me whole love
Words you speak awaken the power in me
Come see my soul love, please see me whole love
Track Name: Allen
Allen sat at the laundry mat, no clothes to be cleaned
I go to church he said, as he looked at me
6 years old, drinking beer behind the liquor store